How Can I Help

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being there for us, when we needed it most"
We need your help! Everyday families suffer by having a sick child in hospital; or even worse are sadly bereaved. Individuals and organisations working together can help to ease the pain. Creating awareness in your community about Sincere Support is a critical first step in 'creating more tomorrows'.

  • Increase the number of volunteers by getting your community involved through a communications and awareness program or by organising a fund raising event.
  • Resources are available from Sincere Support.
  • Ask business and government organisations to show their support and to increase awareness about our organisation.
  • Obtain support from local business to support a local awareness program that could include notices in business establishments and public places.
  • Include your local radio and T.V. stations, newspapers, and cable companies. Church, community and school newsletters.

"We could thank you a thousand times and it would not seem enough"

We need your help! Quite simply, we need your financial support. Without the continuing support of people who care, we don't exist. By joining in the spirit of Sincere Support, your contribution can help families be together, and enable us to help with other non-medical expenses.
If you would like to make a contribution to Sincere Support to help support the children and their families, send a cheque or money-order to us:

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